Does Papua belong to Indonesia?

Does Papua belong to Indonesia?

Papua, formerly Irian Jaya, is the largest and easternmost province of Indonesia, comprising most of Western New Guinea. The province is located on the island of New Guinea.

Does Indonesia own Papua New Guinea?

Western New Guinea, also known as Papua, is the western portion of the island of New Guinea controlled by Indonesia since 1962. Following its proclamation of independence in 1945, the Republic of Indonesia took over all the former territories of the Dutch East Indies, including Western New Guinea.

How did Papua become part of Indonesia?

The US government managed to engineer a meeting between Indonesia and the Netherlands resulting in the New York Agreement, which in 1962 gave control of West Papua to the United Nations and one year later transferred control to Indonesia.

Why is West Papua in conflict with Indonesia?

Indonesia has controlled West Papua since invading in 1963 and formalising its annexation through the controversial, UN approved, ‘Act of Free Choice’. Security forces are accused of severe human rights violations during the occupation with an estimated 500,000 Papuans killed.

What is the name of the province of Papua in Indonesia?

The other Indonesian province that shares New Guinea, West Irian Jaya, has been officially renamed as West Papua, or Papua Barat. The entire western New Guinea is often referred to as “West Papua” internationally – especially among networks of international solidarity with the West Papuan independence movement.

How did Indonesia cover up the West Papuan War?

Indonesia’s deliberate cover-up of events in West Papua continued as the Papua New Guinea government tried to ignore the more than 10,000 refugees camped inside its border. The intense secrecy, the closed access to the two colonial territories.

Why are there so many Papuans in Indonesia?

Non-Papuans, mainly Javanese who tend to also be non-Christians, are flooding the territory and controlling the key administrative and political offices. Papuans view Indonesia’s policy as little more than colonization in which the natives are subjected to racial and religious discrimination, marginalization and subjugation.

Why is there so much conflict in Papua?

Even though in post-Suharto Indonesia, Papuans have been given a greater sense of autonomy and the security apparatus has broadly been reigned in, instability and conflict have continued.