Does crunchyroll still give guest passes?

Does crunchyroll still give guest passes?

“Guest Passes are a complimentary service, not a guaranteed part of the Premium offering, and are not currently supported. We are evaluating whether or not to continue providing them as a service. We apologize, but we do not provide backlogged passes.” Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.

Did crunchyroll get rid of guest passes?

Basically guest passes have been removed/disabled. (likely due to abuse.) Hence why they don’t give them out anymore.

How do you get a guest pass on Crunchyroll?

Premium Members receive a Guest Pass for every 30 days they are subscribed to the site. They can give these out to their friends who are then able to give the site a try for 2 days as a Premium Member. A lot of people end up just posting them as random comments around the site for users to snag up and use.

How long do crunchyroll guest passes last?

48 hours
They are supposed to last for 48 hours, but I’ve seen reports of them sometimes lasting longer. General Advice from staff has been to enjoy the extra time, and that it probably really will expire before too long.

What do you get with a Crunchyroll guest pass?

As stated, those with a premium Crunchyroll account are given guest passes to give out to anyone they want. This option is unavailable with other popular services, like Funimation. Guest passes give you full access to all of Crunchyroll’s premium content. That includes HD streaming and newly released episodes of anime.

Which is the best account generator for Crunchyroll?

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When to request a pm for a guest pass?

1. Gifting away your guest passes 2. Getting a guest pass to try out our premium membership 6/17/2016. Note from lorreen — Requesting a PM of a guest pass is an acceptable use of the thread; please don’t use the thread to chastise others for doing so. 7/26/2018.

Is there a limit to how many guest passes you can get?

If you have any other questions, feel free to pm me. There is now a limit of 10 guest passes per 6 months. That means that you have 10 guest pass charges and each one has a cool down of 6 months. UPDATE! Guest Passes are a complimentary service, not a guaranteed part of the Premium offering, and are not currently supported.