Does Cisco Jabber use XMPP?

Does Cisco Jabber use XMPP?

Be more productive from anywhere on any device with Cisco Jabber, a new unified communications application. Communicate securely with anyone, anywhere with an IM system that uses the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP), including Microsoft Office Communications Server, IBM Sametime, AOL AIM, and Google.

Is XMPP deprecated?

XMPP via HTTP The polling method, now deprecated, essentially implies messages stored on a server-side database are being fetched (and posted) regularly by an XMPP client by way of HTTP ‘GET’ and ‘POST’ requests.

What are the features of XMPP?

XMPP is the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol, a set of open technologies for instant messaging, presence, multi-party chat, voice and video calls, collaboration, lightweight middleware, content syndication, and generalized routing of XML data.

On which communication protocol XMPP is based?

XMPP or the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol, formerly known as Jabber, is a communications protocol based on XML (Extensible Markup Language), aimed at message-oriented middleware and applications such as near-real-time instant messaging and presence information.

Is there a central server for Jabber XMPP?

Jabber/XMPP is a decentralised instant messenger using the open source XMPP protocol, there is no central server that could be compromised, the multiple nodes construct a resilient and hard to monitor infrastructure.

What kind of ports does Cisco Jabber use?

The following table lists outbound ports and protocols that Cisco Jabber uses: Port Protocol Description 443 TCP (XMPP and HTTPS) XMPP traffic to the Cisco WebEx Messenger service. The client sends XMPP through this port in cloud-based deployments only. If port 443 is blocked, the client falls back to port 5222. Note Cisco Jabber can also use

What was the original purpose of the Jabber protocol?

It enables the near-real-time exchange of structured yet extensible data between any two or more network entities. Originally named Jabber, the protocol was developed by the eponymous open-source community in 1999 for near real-time instant messaging (IM), presence information, and contact list maintenance.

Is the XMPP protocol open source or commercial?

Because XMPP is an open protocol, implementations can be developed using any software license and many server, client, and library implementations are distributed as free and open-source software. Numerous freeware and commercial software implementations also exist.