Do pest control companies need to be licensed in Florida?

Do pest control companies need to be licensed in Florida?

Different types of licenses, permits, and certificates are required by the State of Florida for individuals recommending, applying, or selling pesticides. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) administers exams for persons wishing to be licensed as a commercial Pest Control Operator.

How do you become a fumigator?

Become a licensed fumigator requires passing an exam. Many states also require on-the-job experience working under a supervisor who already has their license. You can research the licensing rules on your state’s website.

How do I become a termite inspector in Florida?

Planning on becoming a Certified Pest Control Operator (CO) in Florida?

  1. Take the related Foundations and Masters courses.
  2. Meet the state requirements (3 years of experience and completed 45 jobs)
  3. Apply and be pre-approved by FDACS to take your state exam (you must still pay separately for the FDACS exam fee)

Are exterminators licensed?

All U.S. states require exterminators to be licensed, though each state has its own conditions and terms. To renew their licensing they then have to show proof of at least 20 hours of continuing education every two years.

Do you need a pest control license to fumigate a house?

Most states require licensed fumigators to have significant experience in the pest control industry. Decide what kind of fumigation or pest control license you need. If you are working for a pest control company that fumigates homes and commercial buildings, you will need a structural fumigation license.

How does it take to get a fumigation license?

Sign up and pay the fee to take the written exam for the type of fumigation license you chose. Most states require a minimum score of 70 percent to pass the exam. In most cases, you will either receive your license in the mail within a few weeks or you will be provided a file to download and print.

How to get a pest control business license in Florida?

Employ full-time a Florida-certified operator in charge of the pest control operations of the business location. This operator must be certified in the categories in which the business operates: Fumigation. To apply for a Pest Control Business License, submit the following by mail to FDACS:

Do you need certified applicator training for soil fumigant?

If the state where you intend to apply a soil fumigant is not listed below, then the EPA-approved registrant training programs will satisfy the certified applicator training label requirement. 1) Commercial applicators: State certification & licensing in Category O meets label requirement for applicator training.