Did they ever find the Westfield watcher?

Did they ever find the Westfield watcher?

After years on the market, in 2019, they succeeded in selling 657 Boulevard… at a $400,000 loss. The Watcher has never been identified. Westfield is a beautiful place.

What happened to the watcher house in NJ?

They planned to demolish the home and replace it with two houses, but the local planning board rejected their application. They ended up selling the house to Allison and Andrew Carr in 2019, at a $400,000 loss.

Who are the new owners of the Watcher House?

WESTFIELD, NJ – After five years, Derek and Maria Broaddus are free of the infamous Westfield “Watcher” home, located at 657 Boulevard, as they have sold the 1905 Dutch colonial for $959,360. The home was closed on July 1 and now belongs to Andrew and Allison Carr according to the Union County Clerk’s Office.

Does anyone live in the Watcher House?

One family’s nightmare is over: They finally sold the home where they were terrorized by letters from “The Watcher.” Derek and Maria Broaddus moved all of their belongings into the Westfield, New Jersey, home between June and August 2014, but they never lived there because of the threatening letters.

Who is the Watcher in Westfield New Jersey?

Jersey had its own mythical creature, a deadly theme park, and a rumored portal to another world. Now, there’s another mystery haunting New Jersey. It doesn’t feature ghosts, aliens, or devils, but one man called “The Watcher,” who’s making life hell for one family in the formerly safe town of Westfield:

When was the Watcher house in Westfield built?

657 Boulevard was built in 1905, and it’s been steadily inhabited ever since. None of the previous owners (save for the one “non-threatening” note the Woods received) heard anything from any of the supposed long line of Watchers. The Westfield Leader interviewed former 657 resident Moggie Bakes Davis, who lived in the house from 1963-1988.

Where was the Watcher house in New Jersey?

The “Watcher” house, located in Westfield, NJ, in June 2015. Christopher Sadowski The New Jersey family that lived in the infamous “Watcher” house — where they were terrorized by creepy, anonymous letters for years — has broken their silence.

Is the Woods family suing the city of Westfield?

The city sided with the residents, and declined the Broaddus family’s request to demolish the house. So, the Broaddus family sued. Now with suits against the Woods family and the city of Westfield, the Watcher is giving them quite the legal headache. Residents are united against the Broaddus family’s complaint.