Did Kageyama get injured?

Did Kageyama get injured?

Kageyama is injured, and bored. Hinata attempts to rectify this by sneaking in some volleyball practice. It doesn’t go quite as planned (but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing). In simpler terms: Hinata confesses.

Does anybody get injured in Haikyuu?

Overview. Tsukishima is finally back in the game, having injured his right pinkie finger, though that did not stop him. With both teams having run out of time outs, the next time they step out of the court, one of them is going to be a team of victors while the other will have to taste bitter defeat.

What happened to Kageyama?

The timeskip revealed that following graduation Tobio Kageyama went to play for Japan’s national team. He continues playing volleyball as part of Japan’s Men’s Volleyball team for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics alongside Shoyo Hinata and many other fan favorites.

Why did Tobio Kageyama insult Hinata in Haikyuu?

Hinata states that Kageyama has probably already forgotten him, but Kageyama denies it, thinking back to Hinata’s reflexes, jumping power, and speed. Kageyama instead insults Hinata, leading to an argument. Hinata asks Kageyama why he’s here and Kageyama reveals solemnly that he didn’t get into the best school in the prefecture.

Who is depressed Kageyama Tobio in Haikyuu?

Haikyuu!! Tobio is a depressed boy who’s struggling through life. Everyone turns their back on him, so Tobio continues to loose hope on finding a place where he belongs and friends. But that all changes when he goes to Tokyo, for a training camp, and meets some players that changes his life.

How did Kageyama feel about Kitagawa Daiichi?

Kageyama accepted angrily before leaving. As expected, Kitagawa Daiichi easily overwhelmed Yukigaoka, but Hinata remained determined. Kageyama admired Hinata’s high jumps, overall athletic abilities, and determination, but didn’t change his poor opinion of the wing spiker. In the end, Kitagawa Daiichi won both sets (25-5, 25-8).

What was Tobio Kageyama’s junior high uniform number?

Number nine is Kageyama’s uniform number. It has been hinted that Kageyama was the Vice-Captain of his Junior High Team, Kitagawa Daiichi . Kageyama is originally the main character in One-Shot (Jump Next!) and wore the number 10 jersey.