Can you seal coasters with Mod Podge?

Can you seal coasters with Mod Podge?

Add a medium layer of Mod Podge to the coaster and then lay the paper down and smooth. To finish your coasters, add a brush-on waterproof sealer. You can also use Engine Enamel spray. Let dry 24 hours before using.

How do you waterproof Mod Podge coasters?

You’re going to want to coat the image and coaster with at least three coats of Mod Podge, allowing it to dry for 15 minutes (or until clear) between coats. Once the final coat has dried, spray all of the coasters with a clear acrylic gloss spray, which ensures that they’re waterproof/drink proof.

What do you seal wood coasters with?

Varnish. Varnish is an excellent material for making coasters waterproof because of its chemistry. It contains a high ratio of solids compared to other finishing solutions. You can use spar varnish to protect wood and other materials, and it’s perfect for waterproofing.

How do you put mod Podge on a wood coaster?

Step 9: Brush Mod Podge onto a wood coaster, avoiding the center hole. Place 2″ circle (aligning the hole in the paper with the hole in the wood), apply Mod Podge on top, then apply the 1″ circle, and apply more Mod Podge on top of that, coating the entire surface of the coaster. Let dry and repeat on back of coaster.

Where can I buy mod Podge in the US?

Mod Podge is at every major craft chain, Dollar Tree, Target, Walmart, and a variety of other stores in the US and worldwide. What exactly is Mod Podge?

Can you use dishwasher safe mod Podge on coasters?

Update: this post was created before Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge was developed. You can now use Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge on this project (you won’t be able to wash these since they’re cardboard, but it will provide more protection). Learn more about Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge here.

How do you make mod Podge out of wood?

Use the small 1/8″ punch to make a hole in the approximate center of the paired circles. Brush Mod Podge onto a wood slice. Place the circles down on top of the wood slices, aligning the holes. Apply Mod Podge on top and let dry.