Can you put an extra cab tray on a dual cab?

Can you put an extra cab tray on a dual cab?

It is legal to have up to a 2.1 metre tray on a dual cab as in the relevent RTA guideline, but not very good for general use as it would put too much leverage behind the axle.

How big is a Toyota Hilux dual cab tray?


EXTERNAL LENGTH 1820mm 2540mm
EXTERNAL WIDTH 1900mm 1900mm
INTERNAL LENGTH 1692mm 2408mm
INTERNAL WIDTH 1820mm 1820mm

Can you put a single cab tray on a dual cab ute?

So that means you probably can fit a single cab tray to a dual cab. But the average single cab tray is 2.4M long, while the average maximum length for a dual cab tray is 1.6M.

Who makes Toyota ute trays?

Fleet Trades’ trays and accessories are manufactured by Fleet Trades. Fleet Trades does not sell goods manufactured by or with the authority of Toyota or any members of the Toyota group of companies.

What kind of Tray does a Hilux use?

#207 HEAVY DUTY CUSTOM BUILT STEEL TRAY TO SUIT EARLY HIL… DUAL CAB STEEL TRAY STEEL UTE TRAY CUSTOM STEEL TRAY AZTE… Tray side to suit custom tray for my old hilux. sides are 1830 long and the back is 1800 long. painted in 2018 N80 Hilux pearl white. perfect for custom tray build Selling due to car being written off

Which is boss built dual cab ute trays?

BOSS Built dual cab steel ute trays come with the best standard features and provide a large range of popular options so you can customise your tray to suit your needs. Our state-of-the-art facilities and team of skilled tradesman will ensure that you get the highest quality product quickly and efficiently.

How big is a dual cab steel tray?

– FabPlans Tare weight (Tray only mass): 280kg with steel bed – 180kg with wood bed Total pages: 29 professional-grade printable drawings.

When did Hilux discontinue their Ute trays?

Important Notice: As of October 2020 we have decided to discontinue our medium size ute trays and canopies (Hilux’s and Rangers) Over the past year, there has just not been enough demand for them for us to invest our time and money in product development and 1-off manufacturing costs and focus our business solely on the LC79 platform.