Can you get an award for saving a life?

Can you get an award for saving a life?

The other difference is that the Heroes/Breakfast of Champions lifesaver awards do recognize nominees who may not have received Red Cross training, whereas the Red Cross Lifesaver Award is specifically designed to honor individuals who have put their Red Cross training to use to save a life.

How does the Lifesaving Society Honour heroes?

Every year the Lifesaving Society honours and recognizes individuals, affiliates, and members who help prevent drowning and water-related injuries in Alberta and the Northwest Territories. The dedicated volunteers and rescue heroes are formally celebrated at our annual Investiture of Lifesaving Honours ceremony.

What is the Royal Lifesaving Society motto?

The Lifesaving Society’s motto is “Whomsoever you see in distress, recognize in them a fellow human being.” The Lifesaving Society’s mission is “To prevent drowning and reduce water-related injury.”

How do you get bronze medallion?

Bronze Medallion

  1. Run-Swim-Run (timed) Unaided 200m Run-200m Swim-200m Run in 8 minutes or less.
  2. Resuscitation (CPR) with oxygen and defibrillation. Members to be assessed on theoretical knowledge.
  3. Signals.

Who is eligible for the Lifesaving Society’s Rescue Award of Merit?

The Lifesaving Society’s Rescue Award of Merit may be awarded to Lifesaving Society award holders for aquatic or non-aquatic rescues. Non-award holders may be eligible, but only for water-related rescues. Lifeguards and instructors who perform rescues in the course of their employment are not normally eligible.

How does the Royal Life Saving Society award work?

Awarded annually by the Commonwealth Council, the Mountbatten Medal honours the most courageous rescue in the Commonwealth by the holder of a Royal Life Saving Society Award. As only the medal is awarded, the Mountbatten Medal Letter of Commendation recognizes other outstanding rescues that were nominated for the Mountbatten Medal.

When did Dale Johnson win the Lifesaving Society award of Merit?

The Lifesaving Society presented its Rescue Award of Merit to Dale Johnson on March 2, 2017 in Toronto, Ontario. On March 15, 2016, Haley Dejaegher was attempting to relax near the splash pad on a cruise ship. The scene was chaotic and there were no lifesaving staff on duty.

What is the motto of the Lifesaving Society?

Rescue Award of Merit recipients embody the Lifesaving Society’s motto – Whomsoever you see in distress, recognize in them a fellow human being. / Quemqunque miserum videris hominem scias.