Are there any new treatments for scoliosis?

Are there any new treatments for scoliosis?

However, a new retrospective study from the University of Missouri School of Medicine and MU Health Care shows an alternative to PSF called vertebral body tethering (VBT) yields promising results with fewer long-term consequences for a specific group of scoliosis patients.

Can scoliosis be fixed without surgery?

Fortunately, most cases of scoliosis do not require any treatment and very few require surgical treatment. If your child’s spinal curve progresses to more than 40-50 degrees, depending on location, or if your child’s curve is advancing rapidly, your doctor might recommend surgery.

Can scoliosis be corrected in adults without surgery?

ANSWER: Fortunately for most adults who have scoliosis, the condition can be successfully managed without surgery. For some who suffer from an overly tilted or arthritic spine, though, surgery can be very effective at relieving symptoms.

Can you fix scoliosis naturally?

Mild scoliosis is often managed simply with exercise, medical observation, scoliosis-specific physical therapy, and chiropractic treatment from a chiropractic scoliosis specialist. For some people with scoliosis, yoga or pilates is also recommended to decrease their pain level and increase flexibility.

Are there any alternative therapies for scoliosis?

Alternative scoliosis treatment can include physical therapy exercises, yoga, and chiropractic.

How is surgery used to treat scoliosis in adults?

Surgical treatment. Surgical treatment is reserved for curves which are generally greater than 50 degrees for adolescent patients and adults. Surgery can be performed for smaller curves if the appearance of the curvature is bothersome to the patient or if symptoms are associated with the scoliosis in the adult patient.

What kind of Doctor do you see for scoliosis?

Patients who have scoliosis and choose chiropractic treatment should be referred to a spinal orthopaedist or neurosurgeon if their curves keep increasing. Insurance may or may not cover chiropractic treatment. Will acupuncture help treat and manage my back problems?

Can a child with idiopathic scoliosis straighten out?

Idiopathic scoliosis curves do not straighten out on their own. Many children have slight curves that do not need treatment. In these cases, the children grow up to lead normal lives—but their small curves never go away.