Are Polar Pro filters worth it?

Are Polar Pro filters worth it?

Simply put, with such accurate colors and tonal clarity, these filters are absolutely worth the price. Not only are they a competitive quality and price versus other filters that cost more, but also keep in mind that you’re essentially getting two filters for the price of one if you use an ND-PL.

Can you stack Polar Pro filters?

It’s a 10-stop neutral density and polarization filter, in one adjustable lens element. Rather than stacking filters to get the same effect, which introduces noise, artifacts and color casting, shooting through a single piece of glass means less image degradation.

Are ND filters worth it?

ND filters help to darken your photos and enable you to capture long exposure images at any time of day. ND filters are absolutely worth it for capturing more creative in-camera effects, especially for landscape photographers.

What is ND PL filter?

Neutral density/polarization filters, or ND/PL filters for short, are a unique type of camera filter that combines two popular filter effects together into one single lens. These polarizing characteristics do not only enhance the colors of your image, but also reduce glares and reflections within your photo or video.

What kind of filters do polarpro cameras use?

PolarPro are well-known within the photography/cinematography community for producing excellent quality filters for drones. So when I got the chance to test out and review the new PolarPro QuartzLine range, made specifically for DSLR and mirrorless cameras, I jumped at it.

How much does a polarpro quartzline filter cost?

The ND64/PL from PolarPro (which combines the two filters mentioned above into one) currently costs a few hundred dollars less. You’ll be saving hundreds of dollars and still getting pro-level quality when you go with PolarPro QuartzLine filters.

How much does a polarpro Peter McKinnon filter cost?

At just under US$300, the PolarPro Peter McKinnon VND filter is going to seem rather expensive. At the same time, if you wanted the same versatility from individual filters of the same quality, you’d spend quite a bit more. (And have more to carry!)

What are the first impressions of polarpro filters?

First impressions matter, and PolarPro gets really high points for presentation and amazing packaging.