Why was Alex Day Cancelled?

Why was Alex Day Cancelled?

In March 2014, Day removed his artist pages, merchandise and information from his record label, DFTBA Records following accusations of sexual manipulation. His official website has also been taken down, the content being replaced with generic landscape photos.

What happened between Alex Day and Charlie McDonnell?

In particular former housemate and collaborator Charlie McDonnell severed their ties publicly saying: “I just don’t feel able to call Alex a friend of mine any more.” Day himself vanished from public view. It is important to point out that no police charges were ever brought against him nor was he even questioned.

How old is Alex Day?

32 years (April 8, 1989)
Alex Day/Age

What was the controversy with Alex Day Book?

An upcoming book from YouTuber Alex Day, detailing his vlogging career and personal controversies, has sparked a row on social media. He faced accusations of inappropriate relationships with fans in 2014 and admitted “manipulative” behaviour.

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What did Carrie Hope Fletcher say about Alex Day?

He faced accusations of inappropriate relationships with fans in 2014 and admitted “manipulative” behaviour. On Wednesday, YouTuber Carrie Hope Fletcher – Day’s girlfriend at the time – urged a boycott of the book and posted an exchange implying that Day ignored her request to be written out. Day posted his own version in dispute.

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