Why is Stromae called Stromae?

Why is Stromae called Stromae?

Stromae as a Maestro The name “Stromae” comes from switching the syllables in the word “maestro”. This inversion is a result of French slang known as verlan. True to the origins of his artistic identity, Van Haver has produced a number of videos described as leçons, or lessons, released on YouTube.

How did Stromae lose his father?

What’s their story? It is said that Stromae’s father, Pierre Rutare, an architect, was absent for most of his childhood. He was killed during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. His mother raised him and his four siblings in Brussels, before moving to a suburb outside the Belgian capital.

What happened to Stromae?

A year later, he announces an indefinite hiatus, stating he wants to continue making music, but staying in the shadows. In recent years, he has in fact collaborated with some artists, such as rapper French Orelsan and Coldplay. In a recent interview, he said: – “I work every day, I work with and for others.

What is the meaning of the song Papaoutai by Stromae?

Papaoutai was a huge international hit for Stromae, the popular singer from Belgium who sings in French. Although this hit song is very catchy, it has a *very* deep message about loss and fatherhood. French lyrics and English translation after the jump. Stromae – Papaoutai (lyrics and english translation)

Where does the song Papa ou t’es come from?

The title of the song is an intentionally misspelled form of the phrase Papa, où t’es?, which translates as “Dad, where are you?”. The lyrics of the song are about a boy living with his mother who suspects something is wrong when he no longer sees his father.

Why does the father and son dance together in Papaoutai?

Frustrated, the son does various dances in front of his own father until one of his efforts provokes the father to smile. Outside, father and son do their own dance together, but it is soon revealed that the boy is dancing alone and his father is still stiff and unresponsive.