Why is my brain on overdrive?

Why is my brain on overdrive?

When trauma is severe or prolonged—think of the months-long pandemic—your brain’s emotional centers can get stuck. In some people who experience trauma, the brain gets “stuck in overdrive,” making you feel anxious, fearful, and sleepless.

What happens when the brain is overloaded?

It’s my term for what happens to the brain when it becomes overloaded with information, obligations and more data points than it can keep up with. You start to resemble someone with actual attention deficit disorder — distractibility, impulsivity, impatience, restlessness, irritability.

What is it called when your brain works too fast?

Overview. Racing thoughts are fast moving and often repetitive thought patterns that can be overwhelming. They may focus on a single topic, or they may represent multiple different lines of thought.

How can I stop my brain from thinking so fast?

Take deep breaths The body’s natural panic response is to speed up the heart and breathing rate. This may happen when the mind begins racing. MHA suggest that taking slow, deep breaths can reduce the body’s stress response and promote a feeling of calm, helping to quiet or stop racing thoughts.

How to calm down when your brain is in overdrive?

How to Calm Down Anxiety When Your Brain is in Overdrive 1 Use deep calming breaths. 2 Identify distorted thinking. 3 Practice cognitive defusion. 4 Be mindful. 5 Write it out. 6 Stay grateful and positive. 7 Don’t go it alone. 8 Talk nicely to yourself.

What happens when your brain is in overdrive with anxiety?

Anxiety on overdrive can make us actually feel sick, can cause us to hyperventilate, our hearts to race, while disturbing our concentration and our sleep and even can cause panic attacks. Most often anxiety results from not actual threats, but our exaggerated fears of what might happen.

Who is the host of the overdrive radio show?

Bryan Hayes (born June 6, 1983) is a Canadian sportscaster who currently hosts OverDrive radio show, the drive-home radio show on TSN 1050 Toronto. He is also a former major junior hockey player who famously recorded one assist as a member of the Barrie Colts.

What to do when your adrenals are on overdrive?

While you might be feeling wired, especially if you are in adrenal overdrive or if adrenal fatigue led you to a 4 pm cup of coffee, your body actually needs 7-8 hours of sleep each night to restore your body and for your adrenals to have time to rebound. See here for complete details on improving your sleep and sleep hygiene techniques.