Why is Finding Forrester rated PG 13?

Why is Finding Forrester rated PG 13?

The MPAA rated Finding Forrester PG-13 for brief strong language and some sexual references.

Is Finding Forrester a good movie?

Better than a great book! ‘Finding Forrester’ is without any doubt the best movie of the year 2000. I’ve heard many people say that this is just director Gus Van Sant’s retread of his oscar winning hit ‘Good Will Hunting’.

How old was Sean Connery when he made Finding Forrester?

about 12 years old
“I’ve always liked “Robin and Marian,’ the film I did with Audrey [Hepburn],” says Connery. “Now, there was a character role as opposed to an action hero. He did some heroic things but, mentally, he was about 12 years old. “And I like this new film, “Finding Forrester.”‘

Did the movie Finding Forrester win any awards?

The fact that the film stars three Oscar winners — Sean Connery, F. Murray Abraham and Anna Paquin have each won a statuette for supporting actor or actress — and is directed by former Oscar nominee Gus Van Sant — should increase the chances of the pic being a strong contender.

Who are the main characters of Finding Forrester?

William Forrester. The main character of the movie Finding Forrester is William Forrester, an old, white male, recluse novelist, makes an unlikely friendship with, and mentors, a black 16-year old who is gifted at basketball, and both literature, and writing Jamal Wallace.

What is the plot of Finding Forrester?

Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Finding Forrester. Finding Forrester. In Finding Forrester, Jamal Wallace (Rob Brown), a young African American high school student at the Bronx, is invited to join an exclusive private high school because of his high tests scores. One day, Jamal’s basketball friends dare him to walk into The Widow’s house.

What is the major theme for Finding Forrester?

Finding Forrester features several different themes throughout the film, all with a deeper meaning behind them. Some of the most obvious themes are those of writing, racism, and sports, but what about the other more hidden ones? Within the story, there are less identifiable themes such as self acceptance, racism, emotional strength, and family.