Why is Attack on Titan overrated?

Why is Attack on Titan overrated?

Most fans believe that there is no need to ship the characters of Attack on Titan. But since the series got so popular, a lot of people started pairing characters like Eren and Levi. Some fans enjoy how the two characters are joined together while some believe that it was unnecessary to ship those two.

Is Attack on Titan confusing?

Attack on Titan is a pretty complex anime, but some of the most confusing aspects have been explained by the end of the series. This ultimately turned Attack on Titan into a convoluted manga with deep lore and a lot of fans theorizing over the questions they had.

Why Attack on Titan is banned?

Russia Bans ‘Attack on Titan,’ Other Anime For Causing ‘Violet’ Behavior in Children.

Is Attack on Titan inappropriate anime?

Parents need to know that Attack on Titan is a violent and brutal entry in the anime genre not suited for children, tweens, or some younger teenagers. Ethically the story is challenging, and even the more redeeming characters engage in extreme violence and threats.

Is the anime Attack on Titan a good show?

Attack On Titan is a great anime, but somethings about this show just doesn’t add up! Here’s a look at 10 things about the series that makes no sense! By Sonal Published Apr 25, 2020 Without a doubt, Attack on Titan has been one of the most popular anime to ever exist, both inside and outside Japan.

Why are there no female Titans in attack on Titan?

Apart from that, female titans barely exist, which doesn’t make sense since the Marleyans wanted all the Eldians gone, and not just their men. The logistics behind this wall simply make no sense, especially considering the anime takes place in a world that is technologically behind our world.

Why does attack on Titan have it’s name so?

In Japanese “shingeki no kyojin” can be translated as: Titan of attack/attack’s titan/ attack titan. But unfortunately most Japanese people are not very good at English so some idiot translated it into English as “attack on titan” and now the name makes no sense.

Are there any dark skinned people in attack on Titan?

However, not a single dark skinned person is in sight. The Eldians and Marleyans seem to be an extremely homogenous lot because they’re all fair skinned, which doesn’t make much sense from a mangaka who drew parallels between the Eldeyans and the Jews, and sympathized with both.