Why do diabetics lose their toenails?

Why do diabetics lose their toenails?

Changes in the diabetic toenails are usually due to: Poor circulation. Trauma – which often goes unnoticed due to neuropathy. General susceptibility to fungal infections – resulting from high levels of glucose in the blood.

Can diabetes affect your toenails?

People with diabetes are more likely than those without diabetes to get a fungal infection called onychomycosis. This infection usually affects the toenails. The nails will turn yellow and become brittle.

Can diabetes cause toes to fall off?

Tissue damage or death (gangrene) may occur, and any existing infection may spread to your bone. If the infection cannot be stopped or the damage is irreparable, amputation may be necessary. The most common amputations in people with diabetes are the toes, feet, and lower legs.

How do you treat diabetic toenails?

If there is nail thickening, brittleness, separation and inflammation, an oral (pill) antifungal agent can be effective as a single therapy or in combination with an antifungal lacquer. The usual discoloration of the toenail is a yellowish brown hue.

The answer to the question, as to, why do diabetics lose their toes is due to the fact that the poison high levels of blood sugar damages the circulation. The circulation damage can lead to swelling,sores and possible gangrene .

How should diabetes cut their toenails?

Fill small foot tub with warm water. Test the water with your elbow to make sure the water is not too hot.

  • Use bath towel to dry off feet thoroughly.
  • Use the toenail clippers to cut each toenail straight across.
  • Use an emery board to gently file each toenail straight across.
  • Inspect each toenail to make sure that the skin was not damaged.
  • How does diabetes cause some people to lose limbs?

    Some Diabetes Patients Lose Lower Limbs Because Their Skin Changes. Researchers from the University of Bristol, UK, have discovered why patients with diabetes develop a condition which leads to amputation of the lower limbs. It is caused by an alteration in their skin tissue before leg ulcers develop.

    Do all diabetics lose limbs?

    Loss of limbs DOES NOT happen to all diabetics; but, diabetics have to pay close attention to any cuts or changes in their limbs, especially the feet. Diabetes causes high levels of glucose in the blood, which can damage just about any organ in the body.