Who is Sona jobarteh mother?

Who is Sona jobarteh mother?

mother Galina Chester
Her mother Galina Chester is English. She has a son, Sidiki Jobarteh-Codjoe, born in 2010.

Where is Sona jobarteh from?

London, United Kingdom
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What is Sona jobarteh religion?

Kora virtuso Sona Jobarteh performs in the studio, plus discussion on the increasing role of women in Islamic State, crime writer PD James, and pure obsessive compulsive disorder. Sona Jobarteh is the first female virtuoso on the kora – the West African harp….Credits.

Role Contributor
Producer Dianne McGregor

When was Sona jobarteh born?

October 17, 1983 (age 37 years)
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Is Sona jobarteh a Griot?

She was born into one of the five principal griot families, whose hereditary roles were as praise singers, oral historians, and musicians of the Manden Empire. Taking up a male tradition that stretches back over seven centuries, Jobarteh is the first female kora virtuoso.

Who are Sona jobarteh parents?

Sanjally Jobarteh
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What tribe is Sona jobarteh?

Sona Jobarteh is a unique and pioneering musical icon of her time whose renown has been rapidly flourishing globally. Born into a Griot family from the Gambia, a tradition that dates back 7 centuries, she is the first female within this tradition to become a professional virtuoso on the Kora.

What does Sona jobarteh want to achieve?

Sona Jobarteh: “I wanted to get recognition for playing the Kora not for being a woman” Sona Jobarteh, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions, highly appreciated. You first performed live aged just four, and at the London at Jazz Café with fellow family members.

Who is Sona jobarteh father?

Sona Jobarteh/Fathers

Sona’s grandfather, Amadu Bansang Jobarteh, was a leading griot of his generation, and her father, Sanjally Jobarteh, was his musical heir. Sona was born in 1983 in London, where from a young age she was immersed in the tradition that her father was passing to her brother, Tunde Jegede, 11 years her senior.

Is Sona jobarteh a griot?