Who is David Denborough and what does he do?

Who is David Denborough and what does he do?

David Denborough is a community practitioner, writer, teacher and songwriter at Dulwich Centre, in Adelaide, South Australia. Dulwich Centre is one of the homes of what has come to be known as narrative therapy and community work.

What do you need to know about King Denborough syndrome?

Summary Summary. The King-Denborough syndrome (KDS) is a congenital myopathy associated with susceptibility to malignant hyperthermia, skeletal abnormalities and dysmorphic features with characteristic facial appearance.

How is the tree of life responding to trauma?

We have included below stories and accounts from workers and communities around the world who are using the Tree of Life to respond to various forms of trauma and hardship. GViz is Great. Denborough, D. (2008). Collective narrative practice: Responding to individuals, groups, and communities who have experienced trauma.

Which is the best book for dealing with trauma?

If you are responding to people who have experienced trauma, or if you have endured traumatic experience yourself, this book may prove to be a loyal, trustworthy and indispensable companion. The papers included here have been previously published in the International Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community Work

G’day and welcome to this Friday Afternoon on-line launch of the Narrative Therapy Charter of Story-Telling Rights. David Denborough works at Dulwich Centre and Dulwich Centre Foundation and this Charter is part of a broader project in relation to ‘narrative justice’ that Dulwich Centre Foundation International is currently engaged with:

How to use narrative ideas to respond to traumatic experience?

This wide-ranging, thoughtful and practice-based book provides clear explanations about how to use narrative ideas to respond to adults, couples and/or children who have endured traumatic experience.