Who can defeat Superman Prime?

Who can defeat Superman Prime?

However, even without kryptonite, the Marvel Universe boasts a lot of figures who could take Superman down, often easily!

  3. 3 THE SENTRY.
  4. 4 THOR.
  5. 5 GLADITOR.
  8. 8 DORMAMMU.

What is the weakness of Superman Prime?

Aside from kryptonite, Superman’s main weakness is red sun radiation. Getting hit with it makes him weaker. In Infinite Crisis, a far more powerful evil Superman named Superboy Prime was defeated by being forced through a red sun by two other Supermen.

Can Zeno beat Superman Prime?

Zeno the Omni-King is the ruler of all reality itself. He does not fight, which might seemingly put him at a disadvantage against Superman. However, Zeno has two features that really make it all but impossible for Superman to beat him: he cannot be killed or even beaten and he can erase literally anything he wants.

Which is better, Superman or the Beyonder?

CA Superman or Gold Superman Prime are better choices but only against the current Beyonder. They’ll be curbstomped by PR Beyonder. No wait, Superboy prime in earth prime could just shred some Marvel comics with Beyonder in it and he wins… Oh yeeeeeaaah!

Who is better injustice Super Man or Superboy Prime?

Look, Injustice super Man may be bad, but Super Man Prime makes Injust Super Man look pathetic. Superboy Prime is the guy who fought against Doom Patrol, Justice Society, and Teen Titans, and he wasn’t even trying. He destroyed a 300 mile wall of just pure willpower (which is impressive, because a mile of will power will restrain a Super Man).

Who is stronger the Beyonder or Galactus?

over a character they hate. In this instance, if the person hated Superman and how he wins most of the battles he’s put in these threads, this one is a guaranteed loss. The Beyonder can take on Galactus and Superman isn’t as strong and he would lose. Beyonder easily.

Which is stronger Earth 2 Superman or Earth 1 Superman?

Ex: Earth 51 Superman is weaker than Earth 2 Superman, but Earth 1 Superman is more powerful than his Earth 2. The exact number of the Injustice Universe has not ever been explicitly stated as far as my knowledge goes, and it was even unclear as to whether Injustice takes place in the main DC multiverse.