Who bought Artivest?

Who bought Artivest?

New York-based digital alternative investment platform iCapital announced today plans to acquire rival Artivest. Artivest is a fintech dedicated to helping private wealth advisors access alternatives.

What does Artivest do?

iCapital Network’s mission is to power the world’s alternative investment marketplace. Its financial technology platform has transformed the way alternative investments are bought and sold through the development of tech-based solutions for advisors, their high-net-worth client base, asset managers, and banks.

When was Artivest founded?

Artivest Holdings, Inc./Founded

How does iCapital make money?

iCapital offers a curated selection of private equity and hedge fund investment opportunities across the full spectrum of strategies. Investors (LPs) make investments in the access fund; these investments are then bundled and invested with the underlying investment manager.

What kind of investment platform does artivest have?

Artivest offers technology-driven investment platforms for fund managers, wealth managers, and independent advisors. The platforms connect suitable investors with private equity and hedge funds.

Where are the offices of artivest investment management?

Artivest’s offices are located at 149 Fifth Avenue, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10010. About Altegris. Altegris is an investment research firm, with deep expertise in alternative manager selection, structuring unique solutions, and providing portfolio management and oversight.

Where do I log in to my artivest account?

Your account is easily accessed via the log-in link below, and the (newly branded) Artivest platform you are familiar with will be unchanged. Overtime, we will integrate the best features from both platforms in a new premier experience, keeping you informed every step of the way.

When is the iCapital network acquisition of artivest?

On August 26th, 2020, iCapital Network completed its acquisition of Artivest, bringing together the most innovative financial technology companies in alternative investing.