Who are IBM executives?

Who are IBM executives?

IBM Key Executives

  • Arvind Krishna. Arvind Krishna serves as the CEO / President of IBM.
  • James Gerace. Vice President, Marketing Demand Gen and Events.
  • Liz Urheim. Worldwide Vice President of Marketing, IBM Hybrid Cloud Integration Software.
  • Jeremiah Gibber.
  • Edward Hatch.
  • Daniel Sturm.
  • Maria Arbusto.
  • Cary Moore.

How much do client executives make?

Client Executive Salaries

Job Title Salary
Fujitsu Client Executive salaries – 2 salaries reported $124,170/yr
Maplesoft Client Executive salaries – 1 salaries reported $119,393/yr
iTrak Software Client Executive salaries – 1 salaries reported $58,878/yr
CDI Corporation Client Executive salaries – 1 salaries reported $97,318/yr

Who is the VP of IBM?

Martin Schroeter became IBM’s senior vice president and chief financial officer at the beginning of 2014. Schroeter is the person ultimately responsible for managing all financial operations at the $154 billion market cap company.

What is IBM leadership?

IBM’s leaders are central to our transformation journey. Leaders can be found at all levels of the company and it is through their efficacy, influence and ability to inspire that our company is reinventing itself to lead in the era of cognitive computing and to drive new business value.

Who is the Chief Executive Officer of IBM?

IBM’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer is Arvind Krishna. Other executives include James M. Whitehurst, President; James Kavanaugh, Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President, Finance and Operations and 40 others. See the full leadership team at Craft.

What does IBM i Access Client solutions do?

IBM i Access Client Solutions provides a Java based, platform-independent interface that runs on most operating systems that support Java, including Linux, Mac, and Windows™. IBM i Access Client Solutions consolidates the most commonly used tasks for managing your IBM i into one simplified location.

Which is the latest version of IBM i access?

The latest version of IBM i Access Client Solutions is available to customers with an IBM i software maintenance contract. IBM i Access Client Solutions uses the same IBM i host servers as the other IBM i Access Family products and requires the same IBM i Access Family license (XW1) in order to use the 5250 emulation and Data Transfer features.