Where is the best pheasant hunting in MN?

Where is the best pheasant hunting in MN?

Public lands around Pipestone, Marshall, and Montevideo are all great places to start. Winter, Woodstock, and Altona WMAs are popular spots in Pipestone County. The WMAs along the Minnesota River are also prime pheasant hunting areas.

How many acres do you need for pheasant hunting?

Ideally, you would want to manage at least a 40 to 80 acre tract. However, small landowners who work with their neighbors can increase their chances of helping pheasants. Stocking of pheasants may increase sightings for a while, but game-farm birds are not equipped to thrive in the wild.

Can you shoot hen pheasants in Minnesota?

Pheasant hunting has been exceptional by Minnesota standards for the past two seasons. Hunters on private land, once corn was harvested, often found that shooting a two-bird limit could be accomplished in just a couple of hours. (Hen pheasants are not legal to hunt.)

Do you need a pheasant stamp to hunt pheasants in Minnesota?

License and stamp required People ages 16-64 must purchase a small game license and pheasant stamp to hunt pheasants in Minnesota.

Where is the best pheasant hunting in Minnesota?

Because of the hilly terrain, Southeast Minnesota still has good pheasant cover despite CRP funds diminishing. Much of this land is marginal at best when it comes to crop land so the cover is still there. The 23,000 acre Whitewater WMA in Winona County is one of the best pheasant hunting locations in the Southeast.

What are the hunting regulations in MN?

There are of course, many hunting regulations in Minnesota. For instance, you can only hunt on designated public lands, your own property, or other private property with permission of the owner. You must have a valid hunting license and the appropriate stamp, tag, or lottery number for…

How do you register a deer in MN?

There are now three ways to register harvested deer in Minnesota. They are: Telephone. This is typically called Interactive Voice Response (IVR). The system will accept either key punch or voice (e.g., press or say 1).

What is the best pheasant shell?

A terrific all-around pheasant load is the B & P USA nickel-plated, 1-1/4 oz., #5 shot MB Long Range shell. It patterns better than most 1-3/8 oz. “pheasant branded” shells and is surprisingly pleasant to shoot as well. Federal makes a couple of outstanding classic “Baby magnum” loads, the P156 2-3/4 in.