Where is the Apache folder in Linux?

Where is the Apache folder in Linux?

On most systems if you installed Apache with a package manager, or it came preinstalled, the Apache configuration file is located in one of these locations: /etc/apache2/httpd. conf. /etc/apache2/apache2.

Where is Apache config located?

The Apache HTTP Server configuration file is /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.

How do I know if Apache is installed on Linux?

How to Check the Apache Version

  1. Open terminal application on your Linux, Windows/WSL or macOS desktop.
  2. Login to remote server using the ssh command.
  3. To see Apache version on a Debian/Ubuntu Linux, run: apache2 -v.
  4. For CentOS/RHEL/Fedora Linux server, type command: httpd -v.

How to check Apache server status in Linux?

Alternatively, use the URL below to view the Apache web server status information from a graphical web browser: ps is a utility which shows information concerning a selection of the active processes running on a Linux system, you can use it with grep command to check Apache service uptime as follows.

How to configure Apache server on Ubuntu Server?

To activate the new configuration, you need to run: service apache2 reload [email protected]:/etc/apache2/sites-available# Now is the moment of truth, let’s type our host name in a browser.

How to find IP address for the Apache2 server on Ubuntu?

How to find ip address for the apache2 server on ubuntu? I have downloaded ubuntu on virtualbox , and I installed apache2 on it ,i did configured the server and it works on “localhost” ,the problem is that i need the ip address of the server ,the command ‘ifconfig’ gives private ip address , how can I find the local ip for the server ?

Where to find Apache server error log files?

If there is any problem, you should first take a look at this file using cat, grep or any other UNIX / Linux text utilities. This apache log file often contain details of what went wrong and how to fix it. Default error log file location: RHEL / Red Hat / CentOS / Fedora Linux Apache error file location – /var/log/httpd/error_log