Where does the game Sunset Overdrive take place?

Where does the game Sunset Overdrive take place?

Action-adventure, third-person shooter. Mode (s) Single-player, multiplayer. Sunset Overdrive is an action-adventure shooter video game developed by Insomniac Games and published by Microsoft Studios. The game is set in 2027, in a fictional metropolis called Sunset City.

What can you do in Sunset Overdrive DLC?

The game was supported with multiple pieces of downloadable content, including the story-based The Mystery of the Mooil Rig and Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machine, after the game’s release. In Sunset Overdrive, players can grind rails to navigate the game’s world. The game’s world, Sunset City, is portrayed with vibrant colors.

What are the reviews for Sunset Overdrive?

Sunset Overdrive received “generally positive” reviews, according to review aggregator Metacritic. The game’s tone was praised by reviewers. Daniel Bischoff from Game Revolution praised the game’s comedic elements describing them as “contemporary”. He added that the game is one of the rare few that made him laugh while playing.

Who are the characters in Sunset Overdrive?

Sunset Overdrive is an action-adventure game set in a third-person perspective. Players navigate a metropolis called Sunset City in the year 2027. This dystopian world has been overrun by mutants called the OD, short for Overcharge Drinkers. The player character is a former FizzCo employee, tasked with cleaning up…

What are the side missions in Sunset Overdrive?

The game features a main campaign with story elements and side-missions, which are triggered automatically when players enter certain locations in the city. These quests mainly involve players delivering objects to other non-playable characters and collecting items from the world. Some of these quests have time limits.