Where can I view tithe maps online?

Where can I view tithe maps online?

The Genealogist
5. What can I view online? You can view the apportionments and tithe maps online at The Genealogist (charges apply).

What date are tithe maps?

The earliest tithe maps and apportionments date from 1837, the peak years were 1839–1843, and the last few were finished in the early 1850s. There are roughly 11,000 separate sets of tithe maps from England and Wales.

What does a tithe map show?

The term tithe map is usually applied to a map of an English or Welsh parish or township, prepared following the Tithe Commutation Act 1836. This act allowed tithes to be paid in cash rather than goods. The map and its accompanying schedule gave the names of all owners and occupiers of land in the parish.

What is a tithe award?

Records covering England and Wales generated from the Tithe Commutation Act of 1836 which allowed tithes (tenths) to be converted into cash payments. These payments were known as Tithe Awards (also known as apportionments or schedules) and were based on land values and the price of corn.

Where can I find a list of tithe records?

On this website, you can find out about Tithe Maps & Records, and read a history about why and how Tithe Records were surveyed. There is a list of what Tithes are available online. There are also links to related sources and websites.

Where can I find the Cornish parish records?

The records in this database have been donated by volunteer transcribers worldwide. Although every effort has been made to ensure that the transcriptions are as accurate as possible, researchers are advised to consult the originals for themselves.

How did the tithe system work in England?

A system where a person gave 10% of their income or crops to the church or those lay people who had the rights to receive the former monastery tithes. In the early years of Victoria’s reign the government undertook a vast land survey of England and Wales to cover the majority of these two countries between 1837 and the mid 1850s.

How do I remove features from Cornwall Council map?

To clear the selection either close the results panel at the bottom of the map or click on the map and start drawing a new area. To stop selecting features, close this panel either by using the cross at the top-right of the panel or by clicking the Select tool a second time. Please note: a maximum of 1000 features can be returned.