What WNBA team has the highest attendance?

What WNBA team has the highest attendance?

The Washington Mystics
The Washington Mystics have the record for the highest attended WNBA regular season game of all time. Four of their games, most recently against the Cleveland Rockers and against Charlotte Sting in 1999, have attracted a crowd of 20,674.

How much is a Junior A team worth?

Hockey League (Junior A.) The OHL is big-ticket, high-end, where the average franchise is worth a ridiculous $7 million. The NAHL is middle of the road with the average franchise worth about $350,000. The NOJHL is grassroots level with the average franchise worth about $50,000.

What is the average paid attendance at a WNBA game?

The average regular season attendance at games of Seattle Storm, winners of the 2020 WNBA Finals, stood at around 7,562 during the 2019 regular season….Average regular season attendance at WNBA games in 2019, by team.

Characteristic Average attendance
Las Vegas Aces 4,669
Washington Mystics 4,546
Atlanta Dream 4,270
New York Liberty 2,239

How many games are in the WNBA season?

2020 WNBA season/Number of games

What’s the average attendance for a WNBA game?

Since 2010, when the WNBA shrunk to its current 12 teams, total attendance has hovered between 1.3 and 1.65 million fans per season, peaking in 2011. In 2018, average per-game attendance was 6,721 fans, down 13% from 2017.

What’s the average attendance for an OHL game?

Shortly after the Hunters bought the team, the Knights moved in to the $42-million John Labatt Centre, which has 9,000 seats and at least 38 luxury boxes. London led the OHL in attendance in 2015-16, with an average per-game attendance of 9,013.

How many post season games are there in the WNBA?

In a WNBA season, there are 204 matchups between teams. As each team plays 34 games – four against in-conference competition and three against out of conference competition. There is the possibility of 35 post-season games if each series maxed out at five games.

What’s the minimum salary for a WNBA player?

The maximum salary for a WNBA player is $113,500. The minimum salary for a WNBA player is $41,202, which is also equal to the rookie minimum salary. The WNBA’s wage differences are in part due to the revenue split between the WNBA and league that gives the players around 20% of WNBA revenue.