What was the outcome of the Battle of Amiens?

What was the outcome of the Battle of Amiens?

Prisoners taken by the British during the battles of August 1918, including those captured at the Battle of Amiens. Despite the initial success in the battle, there was much more hard fighting with tremendous casualties on all sides in the final months before the war was won.

What was the weather like at Amiens in 1918?

Australian infantry and pioneers move forward on 8 August 1918. The foggy conditions, which helped the attackers to surprise the Germans, are very obvious and the cameraman noted “the foggy weather made it impossible to get a connected story of good quality film”.

How big was the Amiens Gun in WW1?

Also captured by the Allies was the “Amiens gun,” a 280-millimetre (11-inch) Krupp naval gun that had been mounted on a railway carriage.

Who was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross in the Battle of Amiens?

Two volunteered from 207 Squadron, Captains Gordon Flavelle and William Peace, and both were awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. The battle began in dense fog at 4:20 am on 8 August.

The battle of Amiens, which began on 8 August 1918 and lasted three days, was a victory for the Allies against German forces and marked the beginning of the end of the First World War. Why, then, is the battle almost unknown to the general public today?

What did Foch do at the Battle of Amiens?

The unexpected extent of the British and Commonwealth armies’ successes at Amiens and Bapaume encouraged Foch to plan a massive triple offensive for the end of September, with the intention of breaking the Hindenburg Line and forcing the Germans out of France (Meuse-Argonne offensive, battle of Flanders and battle of Cambrai-St. Quentin).

Why was the Battle of Amiens called the Black Day?

This led Erich Ludendorff to later describe the first day of the battle as ” the black day of the German Army “. Amiens was one of the first major battles involving armoured warfare .

Who was the commander of the Allied forces at Amiens?

Allied forces at Amiens were under the supreme command of General Ferdinand Foch . 5th Tank Brigade – 2nd, 8th, 13th Bn Tank Corps with 108 Mark V tank; 15th Bn Tank Corps with 36 Mark V* Tank; 17th (Armoured Car) Bn ( Austin Armoured Cars. The French Third Army played a peripheral role in the battle and was commanded by Georges Humbert