What was Jean-Michel Jarre first album?

What was Jean-Michel Jarre first album?

Deserted Palace
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Which album by Jean-Michel Jarre was released in the 90s?

En attendant Cousteau
Studio albums

Year Album details Peak chart positions
1988 Revolutions Released: August 1988 Format: CD, MC, LP 2
1990 En attendant Cousteau (Waiting for Cousteau) Released: 11 June 1990 Format: CD, MC, LP 14
1993 Chronologie Released: May 1993 Format: CD, MC, LP 11

What style of music is Jean-Michel Jarre?

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What is the real name of Jean Michel Jarre?

Real Name: Jean-Michel André Jarre. Profile: Jean-Michel Jarre (August 24, 1948, Lyon, France) is a French composer of electronic music. Son of Maurice Jarre, a composer of film music, who has written the scores to such films as Lawrence Of Arabia and Dr. Zhivago, among many others.

What kind of music did Jean Michel Jarre compose?

He also composed music for ballet, theatre, advertisements and television programs, as well as music and lyrics for artists like Patrick Juvet and Christophe. Jarre composed the soundtrack for Les Granges Brûlées and in 1972 wrote music for the International Festival of Magic.

How did Jean Michel Jarre sell Oxygene album?

Oxygène initially proved difficult to sell. Jarre was turned down by several record companies, until another of Schaeffer’s students, Hélène Dreyfus, persuaded her husband to publish the album on his label, Disques Motors.

When did Jean Michel Jarre perform in China?

In October 1981, JARRE was the first Western pop-artist who was granted to give concerts in the People’s Republic of China. In 1986 NASA and the city of Houston asked him to do a concert to celebrate NASA’s 25th anniversary and the city of Houston 150th anniversary.