What tectonic plate is Santiago on?

What tectonic plate is Santiago on?

South American tectonic plate
Along the western coast of Chile, three of Earth’s tectonic plates intersect in a way that does not occur anywhere else on the planet (see Figure 1). Chile, and the other countries of South America, lie on top of the South American tectonic plate.

What plate boundary is Juan de Fuca?

divergent plate boundary
The Juan de Fuca and Gorda ridges mark the divergent plate boundary (the spreading ridge) with the Pacific plate.

Where are the plate tectonics located?

Plate tectonics is the theory that Earth’s outer shell is divided into large slabs of solid rock, called “plates,” that glide over Earth’s mantle, the rocky inner layer above Earth’s core.

Is Chile on a convergent plate boundary?

0. Physics Today: Chile is a highly seismic area because of its proximity to the stressed Nazca and South American tectonic plates which are converging at a rate of 80 mm per year, one of the fastest rates on Earth. Since 1973 there have been 13 events of magnitude 7.0 or greater on the richter scale.

Where are three tectonic plate boundaries meet in Chile?

That is not the only complex tectonic feature. The Nazca-Antarctic Plate boundary is comprised of the Chile Ridge where new ocean crust is formed. And this Chile Ridge is subducted beneath the South American Plate at 46 degree south latitude. The southern Chile triple junction is a magnificent showpiece of a ridge-trench collision.

Where was the tectonic map of South America compiled?

SEGEMAR in Argentina compiled the information for the Andean sector based on tectonic data of the Metallogenetic Map of South America (2005, 1:5 M scale) published by SEGEMAR under the aegis of CGMW, ASGMI and UNESCO. The compilation involved liaison with colleagues from all Andean countries – Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia and Venezuela.

What makes Chile subduct beneath the South American Plate?

The Nazca Plate is subducting beneath the South American Plate at a rate of 80 mm a year; the Antarctic Plate is subducting beneath the South American Plate at a rate of 20 mm per year. What makes Chile suffer from very powerful quakes is the fact that the angle of subduction…

Where is the subduction zone between Peru and Chile?

North of the Taitao Peninsula, the Peru–Chile Trench subduction zone is the boundary between the South American and Nazca Plates. At Taitao, the Chile Triple Junction and the Nazca Plate subduct the South American Plate.