What suburb has the highest crime rate in Perth?

What suburb has the highest crime rate in Perth?

Now, Midvale holds the unenviable title of Perth’s most dangerous suburb, with the highest crime rate per 100 residents.

Is Queens Park a good suburb?

It is now mostly a peaceful and serene suburb with many multicultural and decent young families. Great public transport and road access. The main downside as others have commented is the plane noise, though it is not as bad as some make out and it really depends on where in Queens Park you live.

How safe is Queens Park?

Queen’s Park is a good safe residential area. My godson lives there and my two grandnieces attend the local primary school. Due to it’s Quaker origins the area is not overly endowed with pubs. One very good exception is the Salusbury.

Is the Queens Park area of Perth Good?

Queens park is an area that does not get enough publicity. As affordable land and houses closer to Perth city become rarer, this suburb will really start to shine in the next few years. In the past year I’ve seen roads resurfaced, roundabouts cleaned up, footpaths placed and new housing developments pop up.

What are the limitations of the Perth crime map?

Q: What are the limitations of your data? A: Given the 2016 Census data has not yet been released, Perth Crime Map relies on the 2011 Census to understand each suburb’s population and the resulting Crime Rate.

Which is the most dangerous area in Perth?

The Sunday Times published a table that showed the number of crimes (assaults, burglaries, robberies and car thefts) from March 2011 to February 2012 in various city council areas (in which suburbs are grouped). From this, they concluded that the areas with the most crime per 1000 persons were the most dangerous areas.

What is the crime rate in Western Australia?

The ‘Year to Date Annual Crime Statistics’ tab provides a snapshot of crime and the crime rate per 100,000 people for the state of Western Australia (WA), the two Regions (Metropolitan and Regional WA) and each individual police district.