What score do you need to be a National Merit semifinalist?

What score do you need to be a National Merit semifinalist?

To be named a Semifinalist, you’ll need a Selection Index score of 216.

What is the commended score for PSAT?

Due to the pandemic, ACT and SAT scores will not be required or considered for Finalist standing.

State Class of 2021 (Actual) Class of 2021 Commended
Alaska 212 11
Arizona 218 511
Arkansas 212 63
California 221 7235

What percentile is National Merit semifinalist?

99th percentile
While these letters don’t include a scholarship check, they look good to admissions offices and can be listed on your college application. The remaining 16,000 students or so—those whose scores put them in the top 99th percentile in their state—become National Merit Semifinalists.

How many National Merit Finalist?

National Merit Scholars. Of the 15,000 Finalists, approximately 7,600 will become National Merit Scholars. It is perhaps this moniker that is most confusing, as often the term National Merit Scholar is used for all students earning Commended Student, Semifinalist or Finalist status.

What PSAT score qualifies for National Merit?

The PSAT is scored from 320 to 1520 . In addition to that composite score, your score report will tell you your test scores for Math, Reading, and Writing and Language. These scores fall between 8 and 38. For National Merit eligibility, these are the most important score types .

Will I qualify for National Merit?

To be eligible, you must be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident seeking citizenship . You must also be in your third year of high school and on track to graduate normally. Though you may take the exam as a freshman or sophomore, you will not be eligible for the National Merit Scholarship until you take it as a junior. Jul 1 2019

What are the requirements for National Merit?

Academic Record and SAT Scores. The National Merit Corporation is first and foremost looking to award academic achievement. There is no strict cutoff, but a competitive GPA (3.5 and above) and high SAT scores (approximately 1400 and above) are recommended.