What part of DC is Ward 7?

What part of DC is Ward 7?

Ward 7 also has an extensive waterfront along the Anacostia River, and riverfront neighborhoods have their own unique identities. River Terrace, Parkside, Mayfair and Eastland Gardens abut the east side of the river, while Kingman Park and Hill East/Reservation 13 sit to the west.

What Ward is Chinatown?

To the west, Ward 6 covers parts of Downtown and the Penn Quarter, Gallery Place and Chinatown neighborhoods, home to office buildings, major retail and restaurants, hotels, museums and theaters, federal buildings, and, particularly over the past ten years, a growing number of residential buildings.

What are the DC wards?

For now, here’s what to know about D.C.’s wards and where they’re located.

  • Ward 1. Copy Link. Columbia Heights.
  • Ward 2. Copy Link. Pennsylvania Ave NW & 15th St NW.
  • Ward 3. Copy Link. 3101 Wisconsin Ave NW.
  • Ward 4. Copy Link. Georgia Ave NW.
  • Ward 5. Copy Link. Brookland.
  • Ward 6. Copy Link. 225 7th St SE.
  • Ward 7. Copy Link.
  • Ward 8. Copy Link.

What Ward is North Capitol DC?

Ward 5
Neighborhood and corridor plans for Ward 5 include: North Capitol Crossroads: a planning initiative underway.

How many wards are there in Washington DC?

The District has eight wards that determine elections and the distribution of city services For municipal purposes, including local elections and city planning, Washington, D.C., is divided into eight wards.

Where can I find judgment information in Washington State?

Contact the County Clerk for the county where the judgment was filed to obtain additional information and verify judgment amounts. The Washington Court Directory provides contact information for each County Clerk office.

Where do I live in d.c.ward 5?

Neighborhoods: Barnaby Woods, Brightwood, Brightwood Park, Chevy Chase, Colonial Village, Crestwood, Fort Totten, Hawthorne, Lamond-Riggs, Manor Park, Petworth, Queens Chapel, Shepherd Park, 16th Street Heights, Takoma 5. Ward 5