What Mega Man game can you play as Protoman?

What Mega Man game can you play as Protoman?

Mega Man 10 Proto Man is a playable character from the start of the game, with all of his features from Mega Man 9.

What happened to Protoman in Mega Man X?

Protoman presumably “passed away” due to a defect in his power system. Bass and Treble, I imagine, would challenge Zero, refusing to accept Wily had built a superior robot, and would be utterly destroyed. Well, there are several hints in the X series that Wily is still around in some form.

What is Protoman’s weakness in Mega Man 7?


Name HP Notes
Truck Joe 16 Weakness: Noise Crush
Sisi Truck 24 Weakness: Thunder Bolt
Proto Man 30 Weakness: Mega Buster Optional sub-boss. If defeated, he will give his Shield to Mega Man. Original name: Blues.

Is Protoman a break man?

Proto Man first appeared in the 1990 video game Mega Man 3, and was known as Break Man (though Proto Man’s in-game appearance differs slightly from Break Man’s). At the end of Mega Man 3, Dr. Light reveals that Break Man’s actual name is Proto Man, and that he is Mega Man’s older brother.

What happens to ProtoMan in MegaMan 7 and 8?

In Megaman 7 & 8, also in Power Battles and Power Fighters 2, Protoman is said to have be defective and without treatment will die. After his story in both Power Battles and Power Fighters he just leaves Dr. Light and wanders off. What ever happens to him? Does he die?

Which is more durable Mega Man or Proto Man?

I can’t look it up right now, but X and Zero are composed of ‘Titanium-X’, the next generation of alloy. Mega and Proto a grade or 2 below that. The bottom line is that X and Zero are more durable than their old gen counter parts.

Who is zero in the Megaman X series?

In the Megaman X series its explained that Zero was a maverick wondering around Dr. Wily’s old lab, until Sigma and his team found him fought him. Sigma took the maverick virus from him when he hit his crystal and started the whole Megaman X series. The Megaman classic and X series all have serious holes in them.

How is damage calculated on Mega Man 7?

There are three values in each box about the Mega Buster. The first one is the uncharged shot, the second is the semi-charged shot, the last one, obviously, is the fully charged shot. For Wild Coil and Noise Crush, the first number is the damage done when the weapon is fired normally; the second number is damage done when the weapon is charged up.