What kind of sauce does Mutti Pomodoro use?

What kind of sauce does Mutti Pomodoro use?

The rich, deep flavor of the sauce is courtesy of a red wine braise and tomato paste, which infuses the sauce with the illusion that it spent all day simmering on the stovetop, though it takes just half an hour. A full-bodied red wine that’s not too tannic works best here.

Who is the CEO of Mutti’s very fine pulp?

In 1971, Mutti’s very fine pulp was created, a recipe that remains secret to this day. Founded as a family business, the company soon became a de facto company, then a limited partnership and finally a joint-stock company in 1979. In 1994, Francesco Mutti was appointed CEO.

Who was the founder of the Mutti company?

The company was founded by Callisto and Marcellino Mutti (1862–1941) under the name Fratelli Mutti in Piazza di Basilicanova, as a tomato preservation business.

When did the first Mutti ready sauce come out?

A year later, the “Pomodorino d’Oro” award was created, with which Mutti rewards its producers: a recognition for farmers capable of producing high-quality tomatoes. In 2004, tomato vinegar was produced for the first time, followed by ready sauces in 2007.

Where was the company Mutti Industria Conserve Alimentari founded?

Mutti – Industria Conserve Alimentari is an Italian company that specializes in preserved food, particularly in the tomato sector, founded in 1899 in Piazza di Basilicanova, a district in Montechiarugolo, in the province of Parma.

When did Ugo Mutti start making tomato paste?

As preservation techniques evolved, in 1922 Mutti began to produce double-concentrated paste and the business continued to develop in 1927 with a number of acquisitions of other preservation companies. In 1951, the tube for tomato paste was developed by Ugo Mutti (Marcellino’s son).