What is Vivado High-Level Synthesis?

What is Vivado High-Level Synthesis?

Vivado High-Level Synthesis accelerates design implementation by enabling C, C++ and System C specifications to be directly targeted into Xilinx devices without the need to manually create RTL.

What is HLS in vivado?

Vitis HLS implements hardware kernels in the Vitis application acceleration development flow and uses C/C++ code for developing RTL IP for Xilinx® device designs in the Vivado® Design Suite. Compile, simulate, and debug the C/C++ algorithm.

Is High-Level Synthesis good?

High-level synthesis also supports sharing larger hardware operations such as floating-point cores. HLS constraints give the designer the ability to easily perform more design space exploration, which can lead to better trade-offs between performance and area for their FPGA designs.

How do I open a Vivado HLS project?

Launch Vivado HLS: Select Start > All Programs > Xilinx Design Tools > Vivado 2017.4 > Vivado HLS > Vivado HLS 2017.4 Command Prompt.

What can you do with Vivado High Level Synthesis?

Vivado High-Level Synthesis (HLS) tool transforms a C specification into a register transfer level (RTL) implementation that you can synthesize into a Xilinx field programmable gate array (FPGA).

What are the key attributes of Vivado HLS?

1. Meet Performance (clock & throughput) • Vivado HLS will allow a local clock path to fail if this is required to meet throughput • Often possible the timing can be met after logic synthesis 2. Then minimize latency 3. Then minimize area Understanding Vivado HLS Synthesis Intro to HLS 11- 13© Copyright 2013 Xilinx The Key Attributes of C code

What do you need to know about high level synthesis?

High-Level Synthesis – Creates an RTL implementation from C level source code – Extracts control and dataflow from the source code – Implements the design based on defaults and user applied directives Many implementation are possible from the same source description – Smaller designs, faster designs, optimal designs – Enables design exploration

Which is HLS tool does Xilinx Vivado use?

The Xilinx Vivado HLS tool synthesizes a C function into an IP block that you can integrate into a hardware system. It is tightly integrated with the rest of the Xilinx design tools and provides comprehensive language support and features for creating the optimal implementation for your C algorithm.