What is total a la mode?

What is total a la mode?

ValueLink Connect integrates with TOTAL by a la mode to assist appraisers in quickly preparing reliable and quality reports. TOTAL is a leading appraiser formfilling software that helps appraisers meet clients demand by churning out reports at an amazing speed with its intuitive and easy user interface.

How much does a la mode cost?

Your easy system for delivering reports to every client

Product Price
TOTAL Connect Free Download
TOTAL Connect Pro (Included in the Elite System) $299 Buy now
100 day, 100% money-back guarantee. The 100-day, money-back guarantee is applicable on new purchases only. Sales tax may apply.

What does a la mode?

1 : fashionable, stylish. 2 : topped with ice cream. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About à la mode.

Why does a la mode mean ice cream?

A: The use of the expression “à la mode” to mean “served with ice cream” first showed up in the late 19th century, but it’s uncertain who coined the usage. Gieriet supposedly used the phrase “à la mode” in the 1880s to describe a dessert of blueberry pie and ice cream.

Why do most appraisals say a la Mode?

In fact, that’s why over half of the nation’s appraisals say “a la mode” at the bottom. It’s all here — countless data entry shortcuts, the ability to effortlessly reuse comps and spread your appraisal across many screens, integration with tons of apps via our exclusive TOTAL Store, and so much more.

How to contact a la Mode sales rep?

To speak to a sales rep, call 1-800-252-6633, Mon-Fri 8AM – 6PM CT, or send us an email. Review invoices, update credit card information, or make changes to your auto payments. Call 1-800-252-6633 to talk to tech support, submit a support request, or visit our resources page. Get information about our seminars or our continuing education program.

Is it worth it to switch to la Mode?

With rock-solid stability, highly intuitive interfaces, and blazing speeds, you’ll wish you would’ve switched sooner. You shouldn’t have to live without multi-field canned comments, digital workfiles, a free integrated mobile app, or the ability to work from anywhere on any device.

How to use GP form in a la Mode?

To start using a GP form, go to Contents in WinTOTAL or TOTAL, find the folder for “a la mode General Purpose forms” and click to expand. There, you’ll see all kinds of major forms with supporting forms that match. And, for those of you who do commercial work, check out our General Purpose commercial form as well.