What is the working principle of metro train?

What is the working principle of metro train?

The ATC (automatic train control) system, which controls the route of the train, works in tandem with the ATS, which interfaces between the train and the line side equipment like the track circuits. Together, the system moves the train from one station to the next, ensuring that a minimum speed is maintained.

How are DC metro trains powered?

On subway trains, the third rail is the source of the electrical delivery system. The same power is delivered to light-rail lines such as the Blue, Gold, Green and Expo lines via an overhead catenary system. No petroleum gas for the trains.

Are DC metro trains Electric?

The railcars running on the Metrorail system are self-propelled, single level and electrically powered. They are a common-design passenger type, with a passenger capacity of 175 passengers.

What is DC’s subway system called?

Washington Metro
The Washington Metro (commonly called Metro, and branded Metrorail) is a rapid transit system serving Washington, D.C. and neighboring communities in Maryland and Virginia, both inside and outside the Capital Beltway.

What kind of work is being done on the Metrorail track?

Planned Metrorail Track Work. Metro has transitioned to a new program of preventive maintenance and planned capital work. Overnight and weekend hours will be used for enhanced preventive maintenance including cable testing to prevent smoke and fire incidents, stray current testing, trackbed cleaning, switch maintenance,…

How many Metrorail stations are there in Washington DC?

Metrorail Metrorail provides safe, clean, reliable transit service for more than 600,000 customers a day throughout the Washington, DC area. The system is the second busiest in the United States, serving 91 stations in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia.

Which is automated system design for Metro train?

ABSTRACT: The main aim of this paper is to make an automated place announcement system for Train using voice IC and the radio frequency wireless card for tracking the station data. The paper consists of microcontroller with the RF receiver and the voice recorder chip with speaker .The whole system is attached to the vehicle (BUS or Train).

What are the colors of the Metrorail system?

The Metrorail system has six color-coded rail lines: Red, Orange, Silver, Blue, Yellow, and Green. The layout of the system makes it possible to travel between any two stations with no more than a single transfer. If you’re driving, look for the large Metro signs to direct you to stations.