What is the size of a window envelope?

What is the size of a window envelope?

Window envelopes are available with these window sizes: The standard window is 1-1/8 inches high and 4-1/2 inches wide, and is placed 5/8 inch from the bottom edge of the envelope. In size 6-3/4 envelopes, the window is 7/8 inch from the left edge.

Are all window envelopes the same size?

Yes, a standard and commercial window envelope are one of the same. Sizes range from a #6-1/4 to #14 size (which is industry lingo) and not necessarily the true size (see below for exact envelope sizes).

What do you need to know about hasps on doors?

Hasps are installed on doors, gates, and cabinets so that they can be secured when closed. Adjustable hasps can be can be used on doors that are warped or sagging. Multi-hinged hasps can accommodate surfaces with curves and angles and can be used on doors, gates, and cabinets that do not close flush.

What’s the difference between fixed Staple Corner HASP and safety HASP?

Fixed Staple Corner Hasp(2) Fixed Staple Hasp(46) Fixed Staple Replacement Eye(2) Hasp Padlock(1) Latching Safety Hasp(1) Locking Hasp(10) Rotating Eye Corner Hasp(3) Rotating Eye Hasp(22) Safety Hasp(1)

How is the eye of a HASP secured?

The eye is the part of the hasp that is secured with a padlock. Specially designed with a hardened steel loop to make lock more resistant to cutting. Corner hasp is for applications with an inside or outside 90° corner. Prevents the twisting of eye with pry bars. Steel locking hasp mechanism is available in combination or key lock styles.

How big is Master Lock no.704dpf HASP?

The Master Lock no. 704DPF hasp features a 4-1/2 in. (11 cm) long hard wrought steel body. The zinc plated hardened steel hasp provides added strength and weatherability. The hardened steel staple and locking eye resist cutting and sawing. The ribbed hasp plate offers extra strength, and hardened steel locking eye provides strong cut resistance.