What is the purpose of MouseListener interface?

What is the purpose of MouseListener interface?

Interface MouseListener (To track mouse moves and mouse drags, use the MouseMotionListener .) The class that is interested in processing a mouse event either implements this interface (and all the methods it contains) or extends the abstract MouseAdapter class (overriding only the methods of interest).

What is a listener explain the MouseListener methods?

Methods of MouseListener interface The signature of 5 methods found in MouseListener interface are given below: public abstract void mouseClicked(MouseEvent e); public abstract void mouseEntered(MouseEvent e); public abstract void mouseExited(MouseEvent e);

What is the use of an adapter class in applet?

An adapter class implements empty versions of all its interface’s methods. To use an adapter, you create a subclass of it, instead of directly implementing a listener interface. For example, by extending MouseAdapter , your class inherits empty definitions of all five of the methods that MouseListener contains.

Which of these methods in the MouseMotionListener interface?

Methods of MouseMotionListener interface

  • public abstract void mouseDragged(MouseEvent e);
  • public abstract void mouseMoved(MouseEvent e);

What does mouselistener and mousemotionlistener do in Java?

MouseListener and MouseMotionListener is an interface in java.awt.event package . Mouse events are of two types. MouseListener handles the events when the mouse is not in motion.

How to handle mouse motion events in appliction?

In order to handle mouse motion events in an appliction i.e. events which are generated when a mouse is moved, we need to work with MouseEvent class. An event of type MouseEvent class is generated in mouse motion situations like – When a mouse is moved. When a mouse button is being pressed and dragged.

How to respond to mouse events in Java?

A class that wants to handle and respond to mouse motion events of type MouseEvent should implement an interface i.e. MouseMotionListener and also provide implementation of its methods shown in the table below – This method is called when a mouse cursor moves in a window listening for mouse motion event of type MouseEvent.

When to call void on mouselistener in Java?

Events are passed until the user releases the mouse button. void mouseMoved (MouseEvent e) : invoked when the mouse cursor is moved from one point to another within the component, without pressing any mouse buttons. The following programs are a illustration of MouseListener and MouseMotionListener.