What is the English of Arete?

What is the English of Arete?

arete in American English (ˌærəˈteɪ ; ˌ ɑrəˈteɪ ) Greek. noun. excellence or virtue, esp. in the full realization of potential or inherent function by a person or thing.

Is the Spanish word Guante masculine or feminine?

guante → glove. guante → glove, mitten.

What does Arete mean in Italian?

arêtenoun. A very thin ridge of rock.

What does the Spanish word Cimarron mean?

Etymology. In all likelihood, the name of this group is derived from the Spanish word cimarrón, meaning “wild” or “untamed”. This word usually referred to runaways or castaways and is ultimately derived from the word for “thicket” in Old Spanish.

What word best describes Arete?

Definition of arete: In ancient Greece , arete meant “goodness” or “excellence”. It’s related to araomai, to pray, and to aristos, meaning “the best.” That’s where the word “aristocracy” comes from. Aristocracy is the rule of the best people.

How does one define Arete?

Arête, (French: “ridge”), in geology, a sharp-crested serrate ridge separating the heads of opposing valleys (cirques) that formerly were occupied by Alpine glaciers. It has steep sides formed by the collapse of unsupported rock, undercut by continual freezing and thawing (glacial sapping; see cirque ).

What is example of Arete?

Examples Of Arete. Some of the notable examples of arêtes include Clouds Rest, Half Dome, and the Minarets in California, the Garden Wall located in Glacier National Park in Montana, Crib Goch in Wales, Striding Edge in Lake District England , and Sawtooth in the Southern Rocky Mountains .

What is Arete in Greek mythology?

Arete (mythology) In Greek mythology, Queen Arete (/əˈriːtiː/; Ancient Greek : Ἀρήτη, Arētē “virtue”) of Scheria, was the wife of Alcinous and mother of Nausicaa and Laodamas.