What is the difference between Aleut and Alutiiq?

What is the difference between Aleut and Alutiiq?

Aleut – This word means “coastal dweller” and it is derived from a Siberian Native language. Russian traders introduced the term, using it to describe the Native people they encountered in the Aleutian Islands, the Alaska Peninsula, and the Kodiak Archipelago. Alutiiq – “Alutiiq” is the way Sugpiaq people say Aleut.

Who colonized the Alutiiq?

Russian – By the 1780s, Russian fur traders worked their way into the central Gulf of Alaska and colonized the Alutiiq Nation. Alutiiqs were quickly forced to adopt new social and economic practices and many people died from starvation and infectious diseases like influenza.

What is the Alutiiq culture?

The Alutiiq Culture is the southern coastal lifestyle of an Alaskan Native people who subsist primarily on ocean resources such as salmon, halibut, and whale, as well as rich land resources. These terms derive from the Aleut names that Russian fur traders and settlers gave to the native people in the region.

How do you say Alutiiq?

For example, Alutiiq q is pronounced by bringing the back of your tongue up to the rear roof of your mouth.

Where did the Aleut and Alutiiq get their food?

The Aleut and Alutiiq peoples are maritime people obtaining most of their food and livelihood from the sea. Historically, sea mammal hunters went to sea, sometimes traveled long distances in their skin covered iqyax/qayaq or ‘bairdarka’, as they became known in Russian.

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What was the social organization of the Alutiiq?

Social Organization of the Alutiiq and Aleut. Still important in Aleut and Alutiiq society are kinship and family relationships. These connections persist throughout the regions and are important in the management of the village, as well as decision-making related to everyday life.

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