What is the difference between a Snow Queen pothos and a marble Queen pothos?

What is the difference between a Snow Queen pothos and a marble Queen pothos?

The main difference between the Snow Queen and Marble Queen pothos is the leaves. Snow Queen has more white color on the leaves whereas Marble Queen pothos has about the same amount of green and white. Also, the Marble Queen is more likely to be called cream than white.

What is Snow Queen pothos?

Pothos plants are one of the most common houseplants. They are pretty, easy to care for and inexpensive. This trailing vine is a stunning addition to any indoor plant display. They can be a table or hanging plant but can also be trained to grow up a trellis or a pole. …

How do you take care of the Snow Queen in pothos?

Pothos Snow Queen – Epipremnum aureum Plant Watering In summer you want to keep the soil moist but not soggy. To monitor this, you can use your finger to poke into the top 5 cm of potting mix and feel the soil moisture level before watering. If it feels wet, let it dry out for longer.

Is pothos Marble Queen Rare?

Although both species of plants have leaves in the shape of hearts, they are a different species. However, similar to Philodendron, it’s rare that ‘Marble Queen’ pothos plants flower indoors.

How big does a Snow Queen Pothos get?

In large part because of its stunning looks and ease of caring. This pothos variety is a trailing evergreen vine that grows up to 10 feet long indoors. As such, it works well when hung from a basked or placed on a high shelf. Similarly, you can grow it on tabletops if you prune regularly.

Why does my Snow Queen Pothos get leggy?

Leggy refers to when the plant becomes thinner and longer or taller that it normally would be. Its leaves will also be distanced farther from one another. Lack of light will do this to your snow queen pothos because it will reach for the light source. In doing so, it gets longer.

What’s the difference between Marble Queen and Snow Queen?

Some of the most popular ones are Marble Queen, Golden pothos, Devil’s Ivy, Snow Queen, Silver Vine, etc. Because they are a part of the same family, knowing the taxonomy will not be of great help when trying to understand the differences between Snow Queen and Marble Queen pothos. Botanists simply call them Epipremnum aureum.

How tall does a marble Queen Pothos get?

Here is a handy chart to help simplify things: Snow Queen Pothos Marble Queen Pothos USDA Hardiness zone 10 to 12 10 and 11 Temperature 65– 85°F (18-30°C) 65– 85°F (18-30°C) Mature height (Indoors) 3.2 ft. (1.0 m) 5 ft. (1.5 m) Mature Leaves (Indoors) 4-8 inches (10-20 cm) Up to 3 feet long