What is the deepest part of Port Phillip Bay?

What is the deepest part of Port Phillip Bay?

24 m
Port Phillip/Max depth

What is the average depth of Port Phillip Bay?

13 metres
Port Phillip Bay has an area of approximately 1950 square kilometres and is relatively shallow, with an average depth of 13 metres.

How deep is the shipping channel in Port Phillip Bay?

15.5 metres
It is dredged to a depth of 15.5 metres and is the main shipping channel through the north of the bay into Melbourne’s ports and docks.

Does Port Phillip Bay get rough?

By its nature, Port Phillip Bay can appear calm where the waters are sheltered from wind but further from shore conditions can be much rougher. The boaters may have been taken off guard by not fully understanding offshore winds and the changeable conditions within the area they were voyaging to.

Where are the fishing spots in Port Phillip Bay?

On this Page you Will Find Images Of Port Phillip Bay Depth Charts & Other fishing spots Around Melbourne Australia Below Is a Video with A Few tips How to get your own map Free . There are a few Maps To help Fish’o’s also I have included Gps Marks And A Google Map . Click On a Map To display it Larger. Sale! Sale! Fishing spots GPS marks.

What are the natural features of Port Phillip Bay?

A dramatic underwater canyon, tall kelp forests, colourful sponge ‘gardens’, seagrass meadows, expansive sandy plains, surging currents and tranquil bays and backwaters – this area has them all. The diversity and abundance of marine plants and animals is immense. What are the key natural features of this area?

Where are the GPS marks in Port Phillip Bay?

The Gps Mark has information for each individual GPS mark on the clickable Map .including Recommend, Time to fish / Bait to fish  / Tide to fish  / Rig to fish. Diagram of a ledger is Below. Also Included is Additional information Such as Our Personal Experience’s Video’s Image’s & Links. Frankston – 38° 13739, 145°  09596

How big is the hole in Port Phillip?

The Portsea Hole about 500m from the Portsea Pier that is a remnant of the old Yarra River valley. The top of the hole is at about 14m in depth, but drops rapidly to approximately 33m in depth. Popular with divers, it has abundant fish, encrusting algae, sponges and soft corals.