What is the deadline for any-deer permit in Maine?

What is the deadline for any-deer permit in Maine?

August 17, 2021
The deadline to apply for an any-deer permit was 11:59 PM on August 17, 2021.

How many doe permits are given in Maine?

If the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife approves this move, it will distribute 153,910 any-deer permits — a significant increase from the 109,990 that were issued last year.

What is a superpack license Maine?

The Superpack license includes muzzleloader, crossbow, migratory waterfowl, pheasant, spring/fall turkey, bear, coyote night hunt, and three expanded archery antlerless permits.

How many deer can you get in Maine?


Seasons WMDs Limits
Annual Bag & Possession
Muzzleloader Statewide All 1 Deer Per Year**
Muzzleloader 12, 13, 15-18, 20-26, 29
Expanded Archery Designated areas only

When do the lottery results come out for any deer in Maine?

Results of the 2020 Any-Deer Permit lottery will be available online by 9:00am on September 11, 2020. During the regular firearms, and muzzleloader seasons, only those hunters possessing a valid Maine any-deer permit or bonus deer permit may hunt antlerless deer and bucks with antlers less than three inches in length.

How do you get a deer permit in Maine?

Maine’s Any-Deer Permits are issued through a special lottery drawing. For more information, see Any-Deer Permits. To find out if you were selected to receive a permit (Junior Any-Deer, Landowner Any-Deer, Regular Any-Deer, Superpack Antlerless Deer, or Bonus Antlerless Deer), select the first letter of your last name.

How to apply for any deer permit lottery?

Personal information (Name, Address, Age, etc.). Landowner information (if applicable: including acres and town). There are no fees to apply for the Any Deer permit lottery. Policy Questions? Contact IF&W at (207) 287-8000 or email: [email protected]

How many deer can you harvest per year in Maine?

Maine has a one deer per year bag limit. Once a person harvests a deer regardless of sex, their any-deer permit becomes invalid. Your hunting license allows the harvest of one antlered deer, your any-deer permit allows you the option to harvest an antlerless deer instead.