What is RF in mobile communication?

What is RF in mobile communication?

A radio frequency (RF) signal refers to a wireless electromagnetic signal used as a form of communication, if one is discussing wireless electronics. In contrast, RF modules, transceivers, and SoCs often include data link layer support for one or more wireless communication protocols.

How does RF communication work?

As the RF waves move away from the transmitting antenna they move towards another antenna attached to the receiver, which is the final component in the wireless medium. The receiver takes the signal that it received from the antenna and translates the modulated signals and passes them on to be processed.

Why is RF used?

“RF” refers to the use of electromagnetic radiation for transferring information between two circuits that have no direct electrical connection. Time-varying voltages and currents generate electromagnetic energy that propagates in the form of waves.

What was the first use of RF communication?

While the full story of RF communications continues to be written by a dynamic, growing industry, the current capabilities of modern RF technologies would almost certainly exceed the wildest dreams of the field’s earliest pioneers. We take our connected world for granted, but the earliest commercial uses were not nearly so ubiquitous.

Which is an example of a RF system?

RF systems have been in commercial use since the 1940s, with the earliest examples including community repeaters, paging systems, point-to-point links and specialized mobile radio (trunked) systems. More recent innovations and uses of the RF spectrum include the cellular radio networks we are all now familiar with.

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Why is the antenna important in a RF system?

It’s obvious that the antenna system is an important part of an RF communication system — without it the system wouldn’t work. Equally obvious is the fact that the antenna system is common to both the transmitter and the receiver; any change made in the antenna system affects both transmission and reception.