What is program counter in computer architecture?

What is program counter in computer architecture?

A program counter (PC) is a CPU register in the computer processor which has the address of the next instruction to be executed from memory. It is a digital counter needed for faster execution of tasks as well as for tracking the current execution point.

What is the role of the program counter?

The program counter stores the address of each instruction and tells the CPU in what order they should be carried out. When a program is being executed, the CPU performs the fetch-decode-execute cycle, which repeats over and over again until reaching the STOP instruction.

How do you address a counter in a program?

The Program Counter (PC) The program counter (sometimes called instruction pointer) is a special-purpose register that contains the memory address of the next instruction to be executed. Every instruction is fetched from external memory at the address in the program counter, and stored in the instruction register.

Is there such a thing as a program counter?

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Which is the best project in computer architecture and organisation?

Architecture: This is focussed on little higher level, and assumes that you know the implementation of the CPU and the subsystem. This is mainly done on Simulators like Gem5 , Macsim etc. This is mainly focussed on implementation of techniques like cache replacement techniques, memory scheduling techniques etc.

How is a microprogram used as an instruction?

Using microprogram as instructions directly: Consider that there is no “instruction set”, no program counter (but microprogram counter), no instruction fetch in the normal sense. Your machine and “program” is THE microprogram itself. You have to add some fields into microprogram word such as : ADD R0, R1, R2 which hold the appropriate values.

What are the project guidelines for Computer Organization?

Guidelines: Each project is to be done by a group of two students. The projects are to be implemented in any of the programming language: C, C++, Java. Some projects are theoretical work. Each project work carries documentation in the form of a project report to be submitted in printed form – A4 size with soft binding.