What is My Brilliant Career about?

What is My Brilliant Career about?

Growing up in the Australian outback, creative and headstrong Sybylla Melvyn (Judy Davis) dreams of becoming a famous writer despite long odds and the objections of her family. Forced by money problems to move in with her rich grandmother (Aileen Britton), she soon makes the acquaintance of a handsome landowner, Harry (Sam Neill), and wins him over despite their class differences. When Harry proposes, Sybylla must choose between romantic love an the brilliant career she craves.
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Where did they film My Brilliant Career?

New South Wales
Filming. Principal photography of My Brilliant Career took place over eight weeks in October and November 1978 in the Monaro region of New South Wales. Some scenes were shot at the Ryrie homestead at Michelago, New South Wales.

How did My Brilliant Career end?

When Harold Beecham returns to ask Sybylla to marry him, she concludes that she would only make him unhappy and sends him away, determined never to marry. The novel ends with no suggestion that she will ever have the “brilliant career” as a writer that she desires.

How long is My Brilliant Career?

1h 40m
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Who was the author of my Brilliant Career?

Margaret Fink had purchased the rights to Miles Franklin ‘s novel of the same name, and the Australian Film Development Corporation suggested she hire a writer to adapt it and Fink selected Eleanor Witcombe.

Who are the actors in my Brilliant Career?

My Brilliant Career (film) My Brilliant Career is a 1979 Eastmancolor Australian period drama film starring Judy Davis, Sam Neill and Wendy Hughes and directed by Gillian Armstrong.

Is the movie my Brilliant Career based on a true story?

Based on the 1901 novel of the same name by Miles Franklin, it follows a young woman in rural, late-19th-century Australia whose aspirations to become a writer are impeded first by her social circumstance, and later by a budding romance.

What happens at the end of my Brilliant Career?

In the case of My Brilliant Career, what the story very deliberately does not have is a conventional plot outcome for a young heroine. Unlike Jane Austen or Stephenie Meyer novels, Sybylla’s life story does not climax with marriage. Yet, while Sybylla’s protests against romance include a denial of love, she is not necessarily to be trusted.