What is meant by coastal management?

What is meant by coastal management?

In the Wikipedia Coastal management is defined as being mainly concerned with coastal defence. These techniques involve promoting natural systems such as beaches and salt marshes which protect the coast, and are usually cheaper to construct and maintain than hard construction techniques, and may be self-sustaining.

What is Coastal Management GCSE?

Coastal management Hard engineering management involves using artificial structures, whereas soft engineering management is a more sustainable and natural approach to manage coastal erosion. Geography. Coastal landscapes in the UK. 3. 4.

What are the four coastal management strategies?

Hard Engineering Techniques

  • Sea Walls. These are the most obvious defensive methods.
  • Groynes. Groynes are relatively soft hard engineering techniques.
  • Gabions. Gabions are quite simply bundles of rocks in a metal mesh.
  • Revetments.
  • Riprap.
  • Breakwaters.
  • Tidal barriers.
  • Beach Nourishment.

How can Coastal Management cause conflict?

Adopting sustainable coastal management may lead to conflict because: coastal natural resources may have to be used to less in order to protect them – so some people lose income. relocation may be needed where engineering solutions are too costly or not technically feasible.

How are coastal areas used in the UK?

Coastal areas are used for tourism, fishing, industry, trade and transport. Various coastal management strategies are employed, each coming with a number of advantages and disadvantages. Case study: The coastal management techniques used in Newcastle, County Down.

How does coastal management help protect the coast?

Coastal management. Coasts can be protected from erosion through hard engineering, like sea walls, and soft engineering, like beach nourishment. These have both positive and negative effects.

How does physical management of the coast work?

Physical management of the coast attempts to control natural processes such as erosion and longshore drift. Hard engineering options tend to be expensive, short-term options. They may also have a high impact on the landscape or environment and be unsustainable. Building a sea wall – a wall built at the edge of the coastline.

Why are groynes important to the coastal management strategy?

Building groynes – a wooden barrier built at right angles to the beach. Prevents the movement of beach material along the coast by longshore drift. Allows the build up of a beach. Beaches are a natural defence against erosion and an attraction for tourists. Can be seen as unattractive. Costly to build and maintain.