What is magnesium alloy properties?

What is magnesium alloy properties?

Magnesium alloys are materials of interest mostly due to their high strength-to-weight ratios, exceptional machinability and low cost. They have a low specific gravity of 1.74 g/cm3 and a relatively low Young’s modulus (42 GPa) compared to other common alloys such as aluminium or steel alloys [4].

What is AZ91 magnesium alloy?

AZ91 alloy is the most popular material among cast magnesium alloy due to relatively high strength, excellent corrosion resistance, and good cast-ability. The AZ91 alloy contains a large fraction of intermetallic compound of β-Mg17Al12 phase, and usually distributes along the grain boundary of α-Mg phase (matrix).

Does magnesium alloy corrode easily?

Magnesium and its alloys are extremely susceptible to galvanic corrosion, which can cause severe attack in the metal resulting in decreased mechanical stability and an unattractive appearance.

What are the physical properties of magnesium AZ80?

The following datasheet gives an overview of magnesium AZ80 alloy. The chemical composition of magnesium AZ80 alloy is highlighted in the following table. The following table shows the physical properties of magnesium AZ80 alloy. The mechanical properties of magnesium AZ80 alloy are outlined in the following table.

Which is a better alloy AZ31 or AZ80?

Of the commercial extrusion alloys, AZ31 is most widely used in non-automotive applications. The higher aluminum content alloys, AZ61 and AZ80, offer greater strength than the AZ31 alloy, but have much lower extrudability.

What kind of peening media is used for AZ80 alloy?

Peening media included glass beads, Zirblast B30 (essentially a mixture of ZrO2 and SiO 2) and Ce–ZrO 2 (80–90% ZrO 2, 10–20% CeO 2 ). The fatigue strength of the AZ80 alloy was improved by 60–75% at optimum peening conditions.

What are the different grades of magnesium alloys?

Alloys International is an AS9100D worldwide distributor and specialty producer of magnesium grades such as AZ31, AZ61, AZ80, AZ91, ZK60, HK31, HM21, ZE41, ZC71, ZM21 and AM40 among others.